damn girl you must have 67 protons because you a Ho

You seem real pretty. And I ain’t talking bout how you look, I’m talking about your vibe. Your vibe is pretty.
― Kid Cudi  (via pinkw0lf)
  • *accidentally purposely turns conversation sexual*
  • childservices:

    horoscope app: today u gonna #stunt on these hoes
    me: damn….das tru

    Some hearts understand each other, even in silence.
    ― Yasmin Mogahed  (via jones-swan)

    Him: I don’t date black women. It’s just a preference.

    Me: Based on what?

    Him: Nothing, it’s just how I feel.

    Me: Impossible, deliberate aversions come from somewhere.

    Him: Its just a preference, that’s all.

    Me: No, a preference is preferring broccoli to asparagus. You can say that because asparagus will always taste the same, even when prepared differently.

    Him: And?

    Me: And we’re not always the same at all. There are hundreds of millions of us and we’re each completely different from the next. If an employer said not hiring Black people was a preference would you agree?

    Him: No, but that’s based on stereotypes.

    Me: … And what is yours based on, facts?

    ― (via sundriedstars)